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Houston Paintball

Houston Paintball

Houston Paintball has so much to offer new and experienced players. With our city of Houston being the 4th largest city in the country, the diversity we have offers such a huge selection when it comes to the paintball fields, Paintball players and the paintball community that exists here.

Pro Edge Paintball is owned and managed by native Houstonians. Our paintball store and staff have worked in the Houston paintball community for over 15 years now and have built a positive name with the players and local paintball facilities. 

One way Pro Edge has become such a huge part of the Houston Paintball community is through the creation of the Houston Paintball Club and the Houston Paintball League. As the community changes over time, Pro Edge has created events to help bring the local players together. 

Houston Paintball Club

The Houston Paintball Club is a club that is free to join and built to bring Houston paintball players together. The club events offer new and experienced players a local event to plan for and to meet new friends while out doing something they enjoy. The Club was formed in 2018 by us at Pro Edge. The local fields were seeing a down turn in regular players and in the walk on player group sizes. We felt this was because the players didn’t have a specific date to plan for and it was more of a, just show up and hope there are players at the field. 

The Houston Paintball Club helps give players a specific date to plan their day of paintball with friends and a safe environment to bring new players out. At the club event days we make sure we design games that won’t encourage players to shoot each other up close but more to be competitive while keeping in mind we want to grow the Houston paintball community. 

Our club events travel to different fields located in different parts of Houston allowing different players from all areas to have a close event to try out. Using our club Facebook page, players are able to communicate with one another about other events they have heard about or ask other players if they would like to meet them to play on an upcoming weekend. 

The Houston Paintball Club group is growing and the responses have been very positive and encouraging. If you are in or around the Houston area, be sure to check out our Houston Paintball Club Facebook page to see when our next event is and to stay in touch with other local players! 

Houston Paintball Players

Paintball in Houston comes in all variations from the recreational player, the  regular, the scenario player and the pro. At Pro Edge Paintball our staff is made up of players from all levels who have grown up at the Houston paintball fields ever since they were only 10 years old. Some members of our staff play local and national events traveling from Houston to Dallas and San Antonio all the way to Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida! 

We all remember what it is like to be a new players at the local Houston fields. If you are a new player and are not sure where to start or how to go about meeting other players feel free to reach out to us so we can put you in contact with some other players at the same level. We try to do our best to ensure our local community is growing. 

Paintball Gear and Equipment

If you are a newer player and looking to purchase your first paintball gun, at first this looks like it could be a huge headache. With so much new paintball gear out there every day and so many mixed reviews, the journey to buying paintball equipment can be tough. 

At Pro Edge Paintball we pride ourselves to maintain our 5 star rating on Google by making honest and considerate paintball gear and equipment recommendations to new players. Our staff is trained to not sell you some new paintball equipment that won’t fit your needs the best and will only be a waste. With any industry there are a lot of products that don’t do what they promise, paintball is no different. With us having such great working relationships in the paintball industry we only refer our clients to paintball companies that truly stand behind their products with great warranties and helpful customer service. 

While out there looking for new paintball tanks ,paintball masks, or paintball gear in general be sure to ask a Pro Edge trainee staff member what they would recommend for your budget and playing level! 

If you aren’t a new player but more of a regular or interested in becoming apart of Paintball tournaments our staff has over 40 years of combined tournament experience with some of us even competing professionally in Europe as recent as 2018. Be sure to contact us for advice on which fields would be best to get int tournaments and to start your own paintball team at!

In addition to the newer players and the regulars, Houston has a huge community of scenario or tactical style players. These players compete in the woods or in close quarter combat formatted playing fields to simulate a more realistic game style. We at Pro Edge do not discriminate against any type of style of paintball so we have also played our fair share of scenario games with anywhere from 500 to 1000 players at a time battling it out! These games are by far the most enjoyable and the most action you will ever experience in a single weekend of playing paintball. Pro Edge Paintball sponsors a couple local scenario teams so if you are interested in becoming apart of this style of play, let us know so we can put you in touch with the right people! 

Houston Paintball League

Only a few years ago we formed the Houston Paintball League, a tournament league for newer tournament players in Houston to be apart of and to compete. We have since sold this series to very nice paintball field owner out of Austin, Texas who still operates it in Houston. 

If you are looking to get into tournaments without traveling outside of Houston, please take a minute to look up the Houston Paintball League. This tournament series offers players to compete in different formats such as 3 man which is 3 vs 3 and 5 man which is 5 vs 5. The 5 vs 5 is the most popular and most standard format to compete in as the National Paintball tournaments use this format as well. 

Every person who works at Pro Edge Paintball has been on a team and competed in tournaments. Some of our staff started competing as young as twelve years old while some still compete well into their thirties. As you can see we have a wealth of knowledge from all different experience levels and ages. 

If you are a new player or know someone trying to get into tournament paintball in Houston, please know that we will guide you into the right direction! 

Paintball Fields In Houston

Pro Edge Paintball has been around for over 10 years now with our owner and most staff having worked in the Houston Paintball community for much longer than that. From years of building relationships with the Houston paintball fields, we pride ourselves in working with the local Paintball parks as much as possible when it comes to scheduling events or pointing players towards a place they will fit in and have the best time. 

Each paintball fields in Houston offers different attractions with each facility have its own pros and cons. Between all of the staff at Pro Edge we have a combined over view of each facility and what they offer the players. If you are ever searching for a new place to try or looking for park near by, be sure to give us a call or stop by sometime! 

With Houston being so large we have one of the largest selections of paintball fields to choose from out of most cities. 

In no particular order, here are some of the well established paintball fields in Houston you have to choose from.

TXR Paintball

TXR Paintball is located in Cypress, TX and offers over 30 acres of playing area. This facility is known for its large Castle attack and defend map in addition to the large creek that runs right through some of the maps. TXR is home of the largest paintball games ever held in Houston with some games reaching over 1100 players all playing over a 48 hour period! 

This facility offers a place to play for every level of player. They offer birthday birthday party rental packages, scenario and tactical style games and also the airball or speedball style for the tournament players. 

If you are every in the Cypress area outside of Houston, be sure to look up TXR Paintball. 

Tank's Paintball 

Tanks Paintball is another one of those names that has been around a very long start. The owner of Pro Edge worked for Tank’s Paintball for over 8 years prior to opening Pro Edge In 2008! Tank’s is located in Richmond, Texas and offers 20 acres of playing facilities and staging area. Similar to TXR, Tank’s offers birthday party and bachelor parties for newer players that want to give it a try. Some of the playing maps at Tank’s include an awesome dirt mounds field you can crawl around or run over the top of each mound. The game play on this field is a blast and should be experienced for sure! Tank’s also offers wooded fields cleared with trails and bunkers to hide behind, this field is fun to play and sneak around in. Tank’s doesn’t have a tournament style field at the time of writing this so if you are a tournament player unfortunately this place might not be for you and that style. 

Paintball Zone North & South

Paintball Zone is one of the oldest and most well known paintball fields in Houston. These fields are actually in Humble and South Houston. Both facilities offer fun wooded fields while the South location is best known for its turfed tournament field where local events are held. Like most legitimate paintball parks, both Zone locations offer birthday party packages and offer private play for small groups. 

The Paintball Zone North location was once a different paintball field but the land itself has been used for a paintball field for over 20 years! If you are looking for a wide variety maps and styles of games, be sure to check out Paintball Zone!

Urban Warzone

Urban Warzone Paintball is a very unique playing facility in Houston. This paintball Park is in the heart of downtown near the UH campus which offers an incredible advantage over other paintball parks in Houston. This place is very convenient to get to with an incredible track record of having amazing customer service. One draw back to being near downtown is the size of property this park is held on but that does not keep them from offering a great experience to their players. Urban Warzone is also one of the only facilities to offer night play! 

If you are looking for a well ran paintball facility, a great experience with a convenient location be sure to check out Urban Warzone Paintball

Legends Paintball

Legends Paintball is the new kid on the block when it comes to this list. This facility is in North Houston off of 45 headed towards Conroe. Legends offers different playing styles for all types of players and is best known for having two turfed tournament fields for the local teams to scrimmage on. Legends also offers birthday party packages and of course hasn’t open play for regular players to show up and mix in with other players. The legends facility is not 30 a reason like some of the other facilities but the maps are close together and a lot of fun to play. If you are a tournament player and looking to do drills during the week, be sure to reach out to Legends Paintball as they have been known to open during the week!

Houston Paintball Overview

From all of the information above you can see that Houston has a ton to choose from when it comes to different Paintball facilities and styles. With over 10 Paintball fields in Houston, we only listed 6 of them.

With so many places to choose from be sure to use your Pro Edge Paintball staff to find which facilities we feel would offer you the best experience. 

If anytime you have any questions regarding paintball guns, paintball hoppers or Paintball in Houston, be sure to reach out by phone, email or our social media channel. 

We hope you have a great experience playing paintball in Houston and hope to see you soon! 

Thank you for visiting Pro Edge Paintball.com

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