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Paintball Guns - Everything you need to know when learning about paintball guns

Are you new to paintball and curious to where to start when looking for your first paintball gun? We are going to break down each level of paintball gun and explain to you what to look for before you buy! However, before you spend a dime of your money be sure to go play a few times. This will give you some great feedback on what you see at the local paintball facility along with what you absolutely can't stand in the rental guns and gear. Believe us, this will give you so much helpful information you'll use when searching for your perfect first paintball gun purchase.  

AC: Dallas & Pro Edge Paintball Bring You - 7 Man Hyperball Streetball Day!

Posted by John Jackson on 6/28/2010 to Houston Paintball & Paintball Gear by Pro Edge Paintball!
AC: Dallas & Pro Edge Paintball Bring You - 7 Man Hyperball Streetball Day!

\7Man Streetball on Hyperball

Jan 21, 2018 @ TXR Paintball


First 30 signed up AND paid will be entered into a free raffle with over $1000 in items to be given away. 20 WINNERS will be chosen!

Join us at TXR Paintball for a fun event with each player on AC: Dallas being your team captain! These events have been held in Missouri and Nebraska during 2017 with a great response! We decided to bring this to Houston and as of December 11th we already have 37 of the 48 spots filled!

We will play 8 bps millennium mode!

Each player will receive a custom jersey with the number on it too!