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Planet Eclipse Geo IV Core Bolt Kit

Planet Eclipse Geo IV Core Bolt Kit

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The IV bolt kit from Planet Eclipse will take your GEO to the next level. Not only compatible with the 3 and 3.1 GEOs this engine will rev up any of the GEO line.

 The IV Core upgrade (Pronounced IVy) is a complete bolt assembly which comes with two bolts, the firing can, propshaft, and valve chamber. The included bolts are the ST1 bolt (pictured above) and the soft tipped bolt previously unveiled in the GSL. Players will re-use their stock bolt can. 

IV Core users will see an upgrade in efficiency, shot smoothness and reduction in sound signature. GEO 3 and 3.1 users will see performance on par with the latest release of the GEO 3.5 and the legendary GSL.

The IV Core upgrade is not just a bolt and some new parts, its operating system is completely different than the preceding GEO bolt designs. The air chamber system on the IV Core is the same operating inside the GSL providing never before seen efficiency and smoothness in your Planet Eclipse GEO. The system acts as a balanced valve making it much less effected by varying dwell settings, and much less wasteful in its use of air to circulate the bolt.

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