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Paintball Tanks and Paintball Air Tanks

Compressed Air Paintball Tanks
Paintball tanks are available in compressed air and high pressure air systems. For almost all electronic paintball guns, compressed air or HPA is required in order for your paintball gun to work correctly. Ninja paintball tanks and Empire paintball tanks are the most popular and most reliable air systems available. The paintball tanks come in different sizes to accommodate different styles of players that have different needs. While a tournament style player might use a larger air tank like a Empire 90 cubic inch, 4500 psi air system due to that style requiring more shots between refilling, a recreational player may require a much smaller air tank like a 35 cubic inch, 3000 psi Ninja air system. The cubic inch size of an air system determines the physical size of the air cylinder while the psi determines the amount of pressure the air system can be filled up to. If you have any questions about paintball tanks, stop by or give us a call anytime. Our staff is friendly and trained to help answer any of your paintball air tank questions and concerns. Before you spend a lot of money on a new air tank, let us help you find the best tank that fits your style and budget. 
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Ninja Burst Disc-1800 PSI
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