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Paintball Houston

Paintball Houston

Paintball in Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in regards to the number of paintball players and paintball parks. Over the past 20 years, paintball fields have come and gone but we nearly always have 10+ paintball parks to offer the players in and near Houston,TX! We have had multiple indoor facilities attempt to open and stay open but with little luck. You would imagine with the spontaneous Houston weather that an indoor paintball field would stay open and prosper! No matter what new place opens we have had a few anchor facilities stay open and do quite well.
As you get more into paintball in Houston, you will notice the community is very friendly and will welcome you with open arms. Our city is great and the paintball culture is just as great. If you are looking to get more into paintball and leave near Houston, TX be sure to stop by Pro Edge Paintball to find out where the best paintball places are to play. Most of our staff play nearly every weekend all across the Houston, Conroe, Sugarland and League city areas. Don't be afraid to stop by your local Houston Paintball place on the weekends to meet some of the local players!

About Pro Edge Paintball Store

Pro Edge Paintball was founded in 2008 and opened it's doors July 15th! We started out in a very small lease space of 1100 square feet with a show room of only 600 square feet. We only carried 10 paintball guns and about the same paintball masks. We didn't have any idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started this journey. Our owner John, worked at a couple local paintball fields prior to the opening of Pro Edge Paintball so he had an established name in the Houston paintball scene. He had an established paintball team who had won national paintball tournaments and was a full fledged paintball enthusiast. Now after 10 years of being open, Pro Edge Paintball has grown into a place you can turn to for help and general paintball knowledge, for local Houston paintball events and the most helpful customer service and center of paintball experience. We now are located into a lease place of over 2000 square feet with over 100 paintball guns in stock at all times, over 200 paintball masks in stock at all times and a retail store some claim is the best in the state of Texas! We strive to keep up with the latest paintball products and we keep our staff highly trained to serve our local community the best. Pro Edge Paintball caters to the most entry level paintball player that is just starting and needs help with the most basic questions all the way up to the professional players needs. Pro Edge Paintball considers ourselves to be the focal point of paintball in Houston and we do everything in our power to help promote the paintball fields in Houston and any local event!

Paintball Store Houston

Paintball Fields in Houston

Paintball in Houston has grown so much just in the last 5 years offering such a huge increase in diversity of paintball facilities to try out for the local paintball player. We now have over 10 paintball fields in Houston, some have been open for over 15 years while others opened in 2019. With the increase of interest into the paintball industry, comes more funding for bigger and better paintball parks. The paintball fields in Houston now offer very cool and fun buildings along with turfed playing fields for the tournament level player. Some of of the top paintball fields in Houston include Tank's Paintball, Paintball Zone, Urban Warzone and TXR Paintball. These 4 names service nearly the entire city of Houston and have done a great job providing fun and safe facilities to play over the last 10 years. If you are a new paintball player to Houston, be sure to check our our Paintball Fields in Houston page to find links to the local paintball facilities we recommend.

Paintball Tournaments in Houston

A few years ago Pro Edge Paintball created and built the Houston Paintball League, a 3 man paintball tournament league to give newer players who are interested in tournament paintball a place to start and learn. After a couple of years the league was sold but is still up and running in Houston. If you are interested in playing a paintball tournament in Houston, be sure to reach out to the Houston Paintball League on Facebook or contact us here at Pro Edge Paintball. Our staff all play tournaments or have played paintball tournaments and can help point you in the right direction. The way most players get started is in a 3 man format, then you work your way up to the 5 man tournament. The local paintball fields in Houston also are extremely helpful when players are trying to get started into tournament paintball so don't be afraid to ask the local players and referees for help.
Paintball Tournaments Houston

Houston Paintball Club Events

In 2018 Pro Edge Paintball created the Houston Paintball Club to give a central organization where local paintball players could come together and play fun and enjoyable paintball under the super vision of the Pro Edge Paintball staff. Some paintball parks don't do a good job at regulating the players at the local field in how aggressive they play and how close they can eliminate other players. The Houston Paintball Club creates new fun and creative game formats and insures that every player is on the same page and does everything they can to make sure the newer players have an enjoyable day of paintball. With the sponsorship of GI Sportz and Empire Paintball, the Club is able to let players try out some of the latest paintball guns, loaders and air systems. We also work very closely with the paintball fields in Houston so our Club events travel around the city of Houston catering to different areas of Houston and making it easier for some players to make and try out our club events. Our main goal of the Houston Paintball Club is to grow the paintball community in Houston and bring everyone together. If the paintball fields in Houston can work together and the community can work together, the events in Houston could have the best turn outs in the Houston paintball communities history.
Houston paintball Club