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At Pro Edge Paintball we get a ton of questions regarding how to carry, transport and protect your paintball gear, masks, tanks and even paintballs. We believe in finding products that will best suite each customer and each player according to each of their needs instead of just a general, "Buy All the Bags" mentality. Depending on your budget and the amount of paintball gear you are  trying to transport really helps us determine where to start. For most players, we recommend a nice mid sized rolling gear bag. Most of these paintball bags will carry one full setup of a paintball marker, air tank, hopper and your mask along with a pair of paintball pants, jersey, pod pack and pods. If you purchased a paintball gun that does not come with a hard card, between Eclipse, Exalt and Push Paintball they offer a nice small sized gun bag that will protect your marker inside your larger bag. Some of the gear bags even include a small gun bag or place to store your marker inside the bag and away from the dirty and other gear.