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Houston Paintball Club Events

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out our group. I have high hopes for this to be a fun and thriving club we can all enjoy!

For anyone that doesn’t know me my name is John Jackson and I own the Paintball Store Pro Edge Paintball in Houston.

Over the last few years I have seen the Houston Paintball market slowly decline. It seems we have fewer recreational players on the weekends and fewer teams playing local events and scenarios.

My goal of this club is to provide the Houston Paintball community a place to come together, meet one another and form groups, teams and friendships.

I want this to be solely about growing our community! The events for our club will travel around Houston to fields we have never been to. We will bring large groups, eat lunch at the fields and I am hoping I can get the support from my sponsors to get us fun prizes to add to it all!

Please invite any of your friends who play, who need a place to call home!

I have gathered a small group of ambassadors to help me organize and run the events and this group.

If you have any questions, email me directly at [email protected], message me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram!

Let’s make this great!!!