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HK Army Paintball Headband - Digital Woodland Light

HK Army Paintball Headband - Digital Woodland Light

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HK Army Headbands

Paintball headbands not only offer a unique look to your game but also offer forehead protection while you're playing. Headbands are a great alternative to the hot and thick beanies that some players use to protect their heads while playing paintball.
Our store in Houston, Texas carries a large selection of paintball headbands, head wraps and beanies. Stop by to try them on and take a look in the mirror before you buy!
The 2.5 inch wide headband covers nearly your full forehead and the 43 inch length allows all headbands to fit all sized heads of players.

In addition, each HK headband used a terry cloth pad to help prevent the sweat from going into your eyes while you play.
Check out the HK Army headbands and head wraps today to find the best design to match your style and look.

HK Paintball Heaband

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