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Exalt Rubber Tech Mat - FIRE RED

Exalt Rubber Tech Mat - FIRE RED

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Exalt Rubber Tech Mat

The Fire Red Exalt Tech Mat is one of the best that are available for repairing paintball guns and gear. The Exalt repair mats are large enough to cover your table or work bench for nearly all paintball markers available. The thick durable rubber will prevent your work area to damage any surface you are working on if you drop something while working. The tech mat is available in a ton of colors to match your gear or just to have your favorite color when repairing your markers and equipment.At Pro Edge Paintball we use these Exalt tech mats for all repairs. They protect our stores counter tops and also help keep your work area organized when you have a large number of small parts and screws you have to take out. The recessed compartments on the tech mat are perfect to keep screws and parts from rolling off the end of your work bench. We specifically use these compartments to organize which order the screws go back in on gear that is new or we are unfamiliar with.

Tech Mat Favorite Feature

Our favorite feature of the tech mat is how you are able to watch it off in the sink and scrub it to keep it looking new. When our customers come into our shop to have their gear worked on, we don't want some dirty, stained repair pad laying on the counter top. The material won't absorb the paint when you're cleaning your gear and doesn't adsorb the oils from your lubrication. The molded oring sizing slots are perfect when you are reassembling a gun and you want to ensure the oring is the correct size before you put it back in.

Our Favorite Tech Mat Color Example:


Tech Mat Features:
-19.5" x 12.5
-Durable rubber construction
-Recessed compartments to preview parts from rolling
-O ring sizer to ensure your o rings are correct
- Easy to roll up to store in your bag or box


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