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Exalt Goggle Case V3 - Red/Carbon - Colab Exclusive

Exalt Goggle Case V3 - Red/Carbon - Colab Exclusive

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Pro Edge Red Goggle Case in Stock & Shipping Today!
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Exclusive Exalt Cases in Pro Edge Red

Exalt Mask Goggle Case Version 3

The latest release from Exalt paintball is their Exalt Paintball Mask V3 Case. The new paintball mask case has a new and improved steel support frame that prevents your case and your mask from being crushed inside your bag or backpack. This was one of the biggest complaints the players had on the older version of the case. Another huge add on to the Exalt mask case is the addition of the reinforced carry handle to help while you are transporting your mask or goggles to and from the field.
One thing that we really like about the new Exalt mask case is the increased size of the picket on the case. When we would go to the field to play, we would use this pocket for our phone wallet and keys. The older pocket would barely fit the larger new phone designs but the new, larger pocket is a perfect fit. The last noticeable change that Exalt made with their mask case is they made the case itself larger to accommodate for the Dye I5 and the Empire EVS paintball masks. We have tested the new case out and it definitely fits the I5 and the EVS much better.

The case is lined with a soft microfiber material to keep your expensive paintball lenses from getting scratched during storage. The mesh retainer zips closed and allows for ventilation to let your mask dry out and help prevent bacteria from growing in your mask case. The outside of the mask case is coated with a water and stain resistant coating to keep your paintball mask case looking good.

Exalt V3 Mask Goggle Case Features:
Steel Support Frame inside to stop your mask from being crushed in transport
New Addition of a reinforced carrying handle.
Increased Size of case to carry larger paintball masks
Larger Pocket size for accommodate larger phones, keys and wallet storage.

Exalt Paintball Mask Case Carbon V3


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