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Paintball CO2 and HPA Fill Stations

CO2 and Scuba Fill Station
CO2 Fill stations and Scuba fill stations are an extremely popular product for those players who play paintball on their own property or don't want to pay the local paintball field for air tank refills. No matter if you are using CO2 or compressed air, our staff is experienced to show you how to use both styles of fill stations. In order to use the CO2 fill station we recommend to contact your local welding supply company to get the price of buying or renting a large CO2 air tank or you can purchase a kegerator CO2 tank for less. If you own your own equipment and are trying to fill compressed air or high pressure air paintball tanks, the Scuba fill station will be what you need. In order to use the Scuba fill station you will need to purchase a Scuba air tank from your local Scuba shop and have them fill it for you. If you have any questions about refilling your paintball air tanks, be sure to stop by or give us a call so we can help answer any of your paintball questions. 
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Ninja Scuba Fill Station
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Extreme Rage CO2 Professional Fill Station
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