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CO2 Tank Refills

Pro Edge Paintball offers C02 refills and kegerator refills for most sizes of C02 canisters used for paintball and kegerators!

Refills while you wait.

Bring in your co2 tank to get it refilled while you wait.


9 oz Fill- $3.25.

12 oz Fill- $3.50.

20 oz Fill- $4.00.

24 oz Fill- $4.25

$4.00 per 1 lbs (For 5lb Kegerator Co2 Tanks or Smaller Only).

Pro Edge Paintball refills co2 paintball air tanks a long with Co2 for kegerators. If you have an older paintball tank, the first thing you need to check is the born date of the tank. This is a date that is stamped into the cylinder and tells you the month and year that the cylinder was manufactured. Most paintball co2 tanks have a life of 5 years. This is called the hydrostatic date of the cylinder. If a Co2 tank is older than 5 years, you can no longer have your paintball tank refilled. The DOT regulation does not allow a cylinder to be refilled that is older than 5 years due to safety regulations. There are services that will re hydro test your air tank but as far as paintball co2 tanks go, the cost to have the tank re tested, costs more than buying a new paintball tank. 

If you have a kegerator co2 bottle that is older than 10 years old, then you can pay to have it retested.